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 I am a visual and performing artist / writer / director.

I was commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art to create a piece that was performed in the museum’s Sculpture Court. I am also one of the first multimedia artists to be part of the Asilah Arts Festival in Morocco. Paintings from my solo art show, The Hobo Series, comprised of the pictographs and symbols of street wanderers, was mounted in New Orleans and NYC’s Meatpacking District, and are being incorporated into my latest project.

Early on in my career, I was invited by Ellen Burstyn, Cheryl Crawford and Elia Kazan to be a member of the Actors Studio. Under their guidance and support, and mentored by other members, including Arthur Penn, Paul Newman, and Norman Mailer, I continued to develop my original pieces, among them Thrown Voices, The Unloved, It's Still Life, Moments In Classical Literature, Shout and Twist, Treplev’s Dream and Men Age Boys. Combining classical and modern elements in conjunction with text, movement, music and paint, I create multiple layers of art upon art.

I am also a member of John Houseman's Acting Company, now headed by Margot Harley and started my own theater company with Michael Butler and Henry Stram, The Projects, which performed in NYC and Los Angeles and toured extensively through India and Africa. I lived and studied in Europe, performed on and off Broadway and appeared in many independent, and Hollywood films, and television, including David Hare's Plenty, David Hirson's La Bête, David Henry Wang’s Rich Relations, Robert Redford's Quiz Show, Todd Solondz’ Happiness, Michael Mann's Crime Story, Mira Nair’s Hysterical Blindness, and Paul Reuben's Pee Wee's Playhouse to name a few.

I am even seen taking a bath in a refrigerator while washing myself with vegetables in Merchant Ivory's Slaves of New York.

Holding dual citizenship in the worlds of commercial entertainment and the avant garde, I live, paint and write in New York City.

Private coaching is available.

Below are clips of original work and some of my collaborations with others.

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I portrayed Teresina Capone, matriarch to the famously infamous Al Capone on HBO's "Boardwalk Empire"



Tobi Stempel in Robert Redford's "Quiz Show"



 Jodi Kirkpatrick in Andrew Sipe's "Fair Game"



Dixie the Cab Driver in "Pee-Wee's Playhouse"



This is  "Say Hi" from my play "Shout and Twist." I wrote the lyrics and composed the music. This piece was featured in the Merchant Ivory movie "Slaves of New York."



"This Is The Last Time (My Way)", a piece I did at the Actor's Studio, an homage to Ellen Burstyn featuring Kelly Curtis and Martha Gehman. Composed by Lin Esser and features vocals by Lin, Pasha and myself.




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